What’s new In Ubuntu 19.04

Ubuntu Desktop

The Newest version of ubuntu desktop is 19.04 also codenamed Disco Dingo.

It will be supported for 9 months. So Ubuntu 19.04’s EOL should be somewhere around January 2020.

Ubuntu 19.04 ships with the latest GNOME desktop 3.32. This brings performance improvements, a bunch of bug fixes and some important new features.

  • Desktop upgraded to GNOME 3.32
    • Numerous performance improvements. GNOME Shell now feels faster and more responsive.
    • Fractional Scaling support.
      • The Wayland session can now be scaled between 100% and 200% in 25% increments.
      • Experimental support in the Xorg session can be enabled to achieve the same. Read more here
    • New sound configuration panel making it easier to select your input and output devices
    • Changes to GNOME Initial Setup to add more settings up front and make it easier to enable location services (for example, to allow automatic timezone switching)

GNOME 3.32 Improvement

GNOME 3.32 has been released and with it performance improvements in gnome-shell and mutter.
3.32 includes these performance improvements:

  • Smoother icon spring animation
  • High frame rate monitor
  • Smoother desktop zoom magnifier panning

Linux Kernel 5.0 and New Graphics Drivers

Ubuntu 19.04 ships with the Linux 5.0 kernel release.

This kernel version comes with ‘many improvements’. Support for AMD FreeSync, Raspberry Pi touchscreens, and Adiantum encryption and many more

Mesa 19.0 is available out of the box in 19.04. This is the latest development release of the popular open-source graphics driver and ensures those of you using compatible graphics cards get the best performance on Linux.

If you use a machine with an NVIDIA graphics card you now have the option to install proprietary NVIDIA graphics drivers during installation. It’s a nice feature to have.

Similarly, those who choose to install Ubuntu 19.04 in a VMwarevirtual machine will be pleased to hear that (where detected) the open-vm-tools package is installed as part of the install process.

Finally, since we’re on the subject of graphics drivers, keep an eye out for the new ‘safe graphics mode’ option in the Grub menu. Choosing this will boot Ubuntu with “NOMODESET” turned on. If you’re having issues with graphics cards or graphics drivers this mode will prove invaluable.

Some Minor Performance Improvement

  • Tracker is now included by default. This allows the desktop to keep track of recently used files and improves searching.
  • Right-click handling is now “area” by default. This allows both two-finger right-clicking and clicking in the bottom right corner of the touchpad
  • alt-tab handling now switches windows by default. Switching applications by default can be done with super-tab
  • Preview order of windows in the dock is now static and based on the order in which the windows were added
  • The Yaru theme has seen further refinement and updates and includes a new icon theme.
  • The latest releases of Firefox (66.0) and LibreOffice (6.2.2) are available and installed by default.

Ubuntu Server


Samba was updated to version 4.10.x, and one of the big changes here is python3 support. In Disco, samba and its dependencies are all python3 only now, with some exception.

Raspberry Pi 🥧

Ubuntu 19.04 comes with an easy way of enabling Bluetooth support on the raspi3 ubuntu-server preinstalled images;

install the pi-bluetooth package (now available in multiverse) with

sudo apt install pi-bluetooth.

You can Download ubuntu 19.04 from

Ubuntu Desktop 19.04


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