Function behave like a servant for programmer. A servant have a name, A servant do something (What his master told […]

Lambda Expression

Lambda expression is included in java SE 8. The Lambda expression is used to provide the implementation of an interface […]

Data Type

Variable In java variable store specific type data in memory; e.g int age = 23; here age is a variable […]

Debian 9.9 Released

The Debian 9.9 released with lots of bug fixes and many critical fixes. There is no new functionality added but […]

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What’s new In Ubuntu 19.04

Ubuntu Desktop The Newest version of ubuntu desktop is 19.04 also codenamed Disco Dingo. It will be supported for 9 […]

What’s New in Libre office 6.2

Following are the changes in LibreOffice 6.2 Notebookbar The new Tabbed UI is ready for release! Writer, Calc, Impress and […]